Software integrations and add-ons 

Expand your condition monitoring capabilities,
and get the most out of your solution

Python® Engine

Apply unique algorithms to extract specific features from the acquired vibration signals or define a special alarm dependent on particular signals or other measures; TCM® supports the execution of bespoke Python® scripts. 


  • Develop custom condition indicators CI’s and alarms on the M-system based on existing measurements
  • Experiment and create your measurements fast
  • Immense flexibility
  • Script conditional alarms

RESTful interface

We have developed a RESTful interface to efficiently integrate data from your TCM® solution to other business applications and services. With this API, you can integrate data derived from TCM®, including alarms, system log messages, and apply it for statistical modelling of wind turbine behavior. 


  • REST resources are fully browsable well-documented interface (extensive online documentation and examples available)
  • Robust interface, which is also used by several TCM® applications
  • Secure interface encrypted when using HTTPS protocol on a TCM® server
  • Custom adaptation and integration of all RESTful interfaces supported by KK Wind Solutions

Isolation service

The TCM® isolation service is a software application useful for hardening security related to the TCM® infrastructure. It allows for complete isolation between TCM® Enterprise Servers and TCM® Site Servers in a multi-domain setup.


  • Well-documented interface (extensive online documentation and examples available) 
  • The isolation service allows for shielding both Gateway Zone and Process Zone from external access
  • Facilitates scanning and review of all communication with TCM® Site Servers
  • Enables communication in loosely coupled domains (simple file transfer)

Third-party compliance program

KK Wind Solutions’ third-party compliance program is designed to cooperate between KK Wind Solutions and third-party manufacturers offering complementary products. The product synergy increases when more parties join the program.

Complimentary products and solutions such as: 

  • Oil particle counters
  • Metrology data
  • Lightning measurement sensors
  • Blade monitoring
  • Transformer monitoring
  • Foundation monitoring