Developing and deploying a TCM® test server for Ørsted 

As the largest energy company in Denmark, Ørsted uses TCM® to monitor and collect data, providing a clear overview of the wind turbines’ health. A new internal policy required Ørsted to implement a test environment parallel to their existing TCM® solution. A test server was rolled out in close collaboration with KK Wind Solutions.


Creating a secure & closed environment
At Ørsted, vibration condition monitoring is regarded as a business-critical activity for its operations, especially when a turbine approaches the end of its warranty. In light of a new internal policy aimed at minimizing the risk of errors and failures of business-critical software, Ørsted needed to supplement the existing TCM® solution with a test environment. This would allow Ørsted to pass changes through an acceptance test before deploying the changes in the live production environment.

KK Wind Solution’s technical support team helped Ørsted develop a test environment, migrate data and configure the environment, making the process as smooth as possible for Ørsted. The test server was configured with a small subset of wind turbine parks, representing the different wind turbine types in the Ørsted fleet.

Reaping the benefits of a test server
The TCM® test sever is developed to operate in a passive mode and cannot affect the production servers. It enabled Ørsted the possibility to test out new software updates before rolling out and training new users in the TCM® solution without the risk of affecting the live production system.

It also provided a risk-free development environment for business applications integrated with TCM®, e.g. ERP system and document management system, obtained through the RESTful interface.

“A TCM® test server is an essential part of robust IT-infrastructure supporting uninterrupted vibration condition monitoring of our assets” – Jacob Juhl Christensen, Product Owner, Vibration Diagnostics at Ørsted

About the TCM® test server
The TCM® test server is a separate environment parallel to the existing TCM® solution. Where the regular TCM® solution collects data from all site serves, the TCM® test server collects data from several selected sites. Implementing a test environment of the TCM® solution enables real-life testing of software updates in a risk-free environment, making it possible to test the software updates on a selection of sites before rolling out the software.

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