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Reliable condition monitoring, helping you avoid unplanned downtime

With our effective remote condition monitoring service, you get access to our vibration data specialists and avoid investing in in-house monitoring resources.

TCM® Monitoring identifies early damages and failures across your wind turbine fleet, letting you easily track the progress. We help you stay on top of your operations and maintenance planning and sourcing of spare parts, which in turn enables you to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Our vast knowledge and experience with wind turbine vibration data mean that we deliver premium quality insights that pinpoint the exact component issues, including accurate health status.

Access wind turbine health data and plan
site inspections accordingly

Through the user-friendly TCM® Monitoring Portal, access your entire wind turbine fleet's health data.

Easy-to-navigate dashboard

In our user-friendly Monitoring Portal, you have instant access and a centralized overview of KPI’s and the overall health of your entire fleet of wind turbines.

Expert analysis

Our highly qualified vibration specialists constantly monitor your wind turbines and provide accurate turbine health indicators, profound insights and practical recommended actions.

Health Indicators (HI)

The Health Indicators (HI) consist of a number and a color that expresses the probability for the component to fail. A low number signals a low probability of a failure, and a high number signals a severe failure.

Detailed reports

Receive event reports when a change happens to the health of your turbine. Receive annual assessment reports that detail the condition of the turbine’s components.

TCM® alarms

Utilizing our unique and patented TCM® Mask concept, we set a threshold and criteria for vibration alarms, ensuring that we detect and classify all vibration events.

Recommended actions

When a fault is detected, we will provide you with recommendations for the next steps, meaning that you can quickly order spare parts and schedule the next maintenance visit.

Track the health of your wind turbines with TCM® Monitoring

Through our user-friendly Monitoring Portal, you will have access to track the progress and health of your wind turbine fleet, including Health Indicators, measurements, reports and much more.

Our unique Health Indicator (HI) framework helps you gain a quick overview of your wind turbines' health status, indicating when components need inspecting.

Receive reports that help you target your operations & maintenance efforts

As a TCM® Monitoring customer, you will receive event reports that provide you with a description of the detected fault, including recommended actions.

The assessment report provides you with an extensive overview of each turbine and its components health status, regardless of any alarm events and failures.

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