TCM® Retrofit

Prevent wind turbine failures and increase performance

Increase the wind turbine's lifespan and maximize performance and revenue

Extending the lifespan of ageing wind assets is essential to making the global power supply more sustainable. TCM® Retrofit revitalizes wind turbines by equipping them with the latest turbine condition monitoring technology. 

Wind park owners and operators can now more accurately analyze wind turbine performance and extend the turbine’s lifetime through condition-based operations and maintenance. Our retrofit solution provides yesterday's wind turbines with today's technology.

Achieve financial gains by extending wind turbine life expectancy

Over its 20-year lifespan, an average wind farm will experience an estimated 1.6% loss of output per year due to load factors declining with age.

By detecting emerging failures at an early stage and planning accordingly, you can extend the technical and economic life of your wind turbines.

With an average return on investment in less than two years, our TCM® Retrofit provides a sustainable business case – improving power output and solving availability issues with spare parts and lead times.

— let’s future-proof your wind turbines with the latest condition monitoring technology.

Increase the cyber-resilience of your wind farm

Owners and operators with TCM® preinstalled can upgrade their existing solution to enable compliance, according to NERC CIP, IEC62443, NIST and NIS2, keeping cybercriminals at bay.

Our Enhanced Cyber Security retrofit and upgrade utilizes current operational technology (OT) design principles. Including the Zero Trust security approach, the Purdue model for ICS security, and the Cisco principle, which enables secure management of the OT zone from the IT zone.

Improvements include:

  • General platform updated
  • Updated libraries 
  • Support for identity and access management system 
  • Minimized attack surfaces
  • Upward data flow (Cisco principle)
  • Egress and ingress control between IT and OT zones

Benefits of retrofitting wind turbines

Extend asset lifetime

Extend the technical and economic life of your wind turbine fleet.

Reduce OPEX

Improve your maintenance planning and reduce your operational expenses.

Peace of mind

With TCM®, you no longer need to schedule unnecessary maintenance visits.

Case story: Retrofitting wind turbines before end of warranty proves worth the investment

When Meridian Energy came to us with the task of extending their TCM® fleet by retrofitting 29 turbines in New Zealand, we took hold of the opportunity. Meridian Energy provides wind-generated electricity to an average of 152,000 homes a year in New Zealand.

Installing TCM® allowed Meridian Energy to identify bearing damage before it became significant enough to cause secondary damage to the gearboxes. Meridian Energy ordered the bearings and planned turbine downtime to replace the bearings on-site. 

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